Days: Monday – Friday

Time: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm (Prime Drive Time)

Email:                      Phone:647 830 5042

Language: Hindi/ Urdu/English

Target Audience: South East Asians & All Music Lovers!

Filmy Nukkad- It’s Tafreeh Time: Making Your Drive time ‘UTTERLY BUTTERLY MUSICAL’ is a Chirpy Host, RJ Swati, bringing Smiles & Energy to your tired day with a very entertaining doze of popular music & interesting content.

Show Profile: Hungry for ‘Music’? Love ‘Bollywood Gossips’? Want to be on track with ‘What’s Trending’?Filmy Nukkad HAS IT ALL!!!!

The Host entertains the audience with Latest Bollywood Gupshups, Tech News, Trends & Trolls on Social Media and a whole lot of Research work done on Veteran artists & personalities, accompanied with an excellent selection of music that ranges from soulful melodies to high upbeat peppy dance beats, from unforgettable Retros to Latest Music in Metros!

ALL IN ALL, giving a ‘CHILL PILL’ of entertainment, Energy & broad smiles to a tired day, making your drive a joyful one- with Gaane, Gappein & Giveways!

Rj: Swati Gupta