CMR/TVI Starfest 2017 – Indoor Event

September 2nd and 3rd, 2017

This year’s show was one for the books! On Saturday, we started the day off with classical and cine dances from local dance schools, followed by our Padukalam show consisting of amazing local singers from our community. Day 1 ended with exhilarating performances from the amazing Shashaa Tirupati and legend Mano with the help of Agni band. We were certainly treated to an amazing show!

With the amazing performances by Shashaa Tirupati, Mano and Agni band on Day 1, they set the expectation level high for the Day 2 performance. The day started off with instrumental and classical dances from local dance groups, followed by the performance everyone was waiting for all weekend! The electrifying Karthik and Vijay Prakash took the stage with Pravin Mani and his Avatar Band to give us a show for the ages!

Thanks to Friends Furniture, we held a raffle and 50 lucky attendees left with $100 each!

There were more than 100 Canadian Artists that participated and performed at our event. CMR and TVI is proud and honoured to help promote and give local Canadian Artists a channel to showcase their amazing talents.

CMR would like to thank all of our listeners and everyone who attended both days of Starfest 2017! This show was done for all of you.