Toronto hits 12 C on first day of winter

December 22, 2015 7:10 pm

Tuesday is the first full day of winter, but with a high of 12 C in Toronto and possible showers on the way, it feels more like a mild spring day.


To put that forecast in perspective, the high exactly one year ago was 1.9 C. The average high for Dec. 22 in Toronto is just under 0 C.


Toronto’s highest temperature for Dec. 22 was 14.4 C, recorded back in 1949.


Environment Canada predicts a high of 14 C on Christmas Eve.


That would make Toronto as warm as Barcelona, and just two degrees cooler than Los Angeles.


Vancouver, meanwhile, is expected to get flurries and a high of 4 C on Thursday.


Toronto’s forecast for Christmas Day is 4 C.


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