‘Canada does not and will not pay ransom to terrorists,’ Justin Trudeau says

April 26, 2016 4:58 pm

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used a press conference at the end of his three-day cabinet retreat in Kananaskis, Alta., to send a message to terrorists that may be considering abducting Canadian citizens:


“I do … want to make one thing perfectly, crystal clear: Canada does not and will not pay ransom to terrorists, directly or indirectly.”


“There are very direct and concrete reasons for this,” Trudeau added. “First of all, obviously this is a significant source of funds for terrorist organizations that then allows them to continue to perpetuate deadly acts of violence against innocents around the world.


“But more importantly, paying ransom, for Canadians, would endanger the lives of every single one of the millions of Canadians who live, work and travel around the globe every single year,” he said.


Yesterday, Trudeau broke from the meetings to address the media and confirm that Canadian John Ridsdel, who had been held captive by Islamic militants in the Philippines since September, had been killed.


Trudeau repeated today that he was “outraged” by the incident and that Canada would be working with the Philippines to not only bring Ridsdel’s killers to justice but to try to ensure that Robert Hall, the other Canadian being held by Abu Sayyaf militants, is returned safely.


Because of the ongoing security situation, Trudeau said he would not give any details of what his government was doing to help free Hall.


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Source: CBC News