Hudak promises to stabilize energy rates if elected

May 12, 2014 11:57 am

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak says he’ll stabilize rising energy rates in Ontario if he’s elected premier in the June 12 election.

Hudak says he’ll cut the “bloated” bureaucracy, import energy from other provinces and the United States, replace subsidies for wind and solar power and invest in nuclear, natural gas and hydro power.

The Tories say there will also be fewer agencies managing the province’s electricity system.

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak makes a campaign stop in Smithville, Ont., on Monday, May 12, 2014.

He says factories and other businesses will flee Ontario if the province doesn’t get hydro prices under control and his proposed measures would help create 40,000 jobs.

Ontario’s Liberal government has acknowledged that homeowners face a 33-per-cent hike in electricity rates over the next three years.

But they said that’s lower than a previous government estimate.

They say homeowners will pay about $100 a year less than they would have if the Liberals hadn’t killed plans to build two new nuclear reactors, renegotiated a green energy deal with Samsung and started paying wind farms not to produce electricity when it’s not needed.