STAR FEST is a music festival that provides a platform for home grown music talent to perform in front of tens of thousands of music lovers; a platform that might not be otherwise available to these talents. The 2013 Star Fest event was absolutely free for attendees.  The event featured many musical bands and many different genres of music. The event also featured the Grand Finale of CMR Star Search 2013 competition, the winners of which were awarded the much coveted opportunity to create an album of original music that is produced, marketed and distributed by CMR each year.  Expanding from the previous year’s hugely successful event, STAR FEST 2013 benefited the South Asian business community, the artist community and CMR’s listeners in a very generous way.

The International Medical Health Organization – Canada was the community partner for Star Fest 2013. This organization is made up on medical professionals and others who donate time and effort for the betterment of people in need across the world.

CMR entered its 10th year of operation on the 20th of August, 2013.  CMR also donated $7,000 to Humber School of Media Studies as Awards for 3 deserving students. CMR also donated $3000 to the Regent Park School of Music in support of the school’s continued efforts to provide music education to students who couldn’t otherwise afford it.

As always, CMR is very thankful to the following sponsors who made it all possible:


Title Sponsors:

SKT Jewellers & Textiles 416-615-0197

York Cinema 905-707-3456


Platinum Sponsors:

Abi Singham: Law Professional Corporation  416-724-4224

Attic care & Spray form Care 416-556-6115

Beta College 416 – 449- 2382

Prasanna Money Exchange 416-293-1700

Markham TV & Brampton TV Appliances Scarborough (416-609-9595) Brampton (905-450-2828)

Ashok Santhiralingam 647-297-2765

Scarborough New Ocean & Brampton Asian Cash and Carry Scarborough (416-292-0122) and Brampton (904-794-0015)


Gold Sponsors:

Bad Boy: BAD BOY Super Stores.

Home life future realty Inc Siva Nagamany 647- 289- 0091

basker b card.cdr

Ideal Auto: For Experience, Expertise and Service that is ideal! 416 752 5823

Legend Window (416) 332-8784


Fortress: Syndicate mortgage specialist Nanthakumar (647) 786-4796

Silver Sponsors:

info-sponsors-raza 647 748 3400

JRS College of business and healthcare 4162922455

SP Importers (416) 266-3077

 I Route Travels 416-269-1515

Packialuxmi Vasan Barrister & Soclictor 416-335-8311