Asian Connections

Language: Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali


Time: Mon-Fri 11.00 AM-2.00 PM




Punjabi / Hindi / Bengali language broadcast that serves the Indian and Bengali communities.


With over 5 years in radio and television, Ranbir’s (the host), popularity continues to rise as he brings a unique introspective look at the issues facing the Indian and Bengali communities.


Focused primarily towards new immigrants, this popular news and talk radio program helps to bridge the gap between Canada and the native land Punjab in India. Listeners are encouraged to partake in informative and lively discussions on varying hot topics and current events. The most popular segment is the talk show that bridges issues in Canada to the Native land Punjab in India. Topics are focused more towards the new immigrants. Audiences tend to be Adults ages 30-65 who have recently immigrated to Canada.


RJs: Ranbir Chauhan, Sonam


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